Oliver’s Box: LL Bean Flannel, Crewneck Sweatshirt, and more.


There’s this odd line of finding something genuinely related to a subscriber’s life versus inventing a relationship that may not exist. I know that Oliver lives in New Jersey, for example, but I have no idea whether he’s actually been to Jersey City, where he’d find the restaurant advertised on this crewneck sweatshirt. It’s a stretch, perhaps. Then again, he did say he could use a new grey crewneck sweatshirt. I think I did better with the hat. Continue reading

Ryan’s Box: Long-sleeve Tee, Patterned Sweater, Hanes 50-50


Ryan’s one of my longest tenured subscribers, so finding new pieces for him is at once rewarding and challenging. On the one hand, it’s hard to find something truly new, but on the other, he’s provided useful feedback and I’m starting to get a real sense of what he likes. So, I took some risks with this box but I think they’ll pay off. If you read this, Ryan, do let me know!  Continue reading

Anthony’s Box: Vintage Bill Gallo T-Shirt, Shenandoah, and More

IMG_1138Vintage t-shirts run a wide spectrum. On one end are the late nineties familiars: D.A.R.E. tees, aggressive sports team graphics. In the middle there’s the conspicuous vintage: Ringers, stripes, poly-blends. And then, at the other end, are my personal favorites: Graphic tees from the early 80s and older. What Anthony has here is from that era. Paper thin, mounted collar, tubular construction, and a one-of-kind graphic from a legendary cartoonist. Read the letter below. Continue reading

Jacob’s Box: A Talon-Zipper Vintage Cardigan

Jacob is one of earliest subscribers, so I’m glad I was able to send out something like this. It is wool zip cardigan with a nice talon zipper. Based on some Talon dating guides floating around, it’s best dated to the 1970s. I like the raglan sleeve and partial cable-knit design. Simultaneously preppy and sporty.

My favorite detail, though, can’t really be seen here. Cuffs on sweaters,  I find, are one of the first places to swear out. They stretch, stain, and fray. The cuffs on this sweater, though, is reinforced with a very heavy, wiry thread to keep it in place. Honestly, it looks like fishing line. It’s the kind of detail I’ve never seen on a contemporary piece, but one that will definitely keep this sweater going for years to come.

Steven’s Box: Vintage Black Levi’s 501s, a Flannel, and More.


Steven mentioned that he’s into punk and classic rock, but he’s also not a teenager. So we shipped him some classics that we hope fit the aesthetic. Unfortunately, the jeans didn’t work out! The tape mentioned in the letter, if you’re curious, is Hot Rocks, a Rolling Stones compilation. And that magazine under it all is from the fifties. It contains the lyrics to dozens of popular-at-the-moment country songs. Continue reading