Lachlan’s Quoddy Duck Boots, Heavy Wool Socks, and More

Vintage Quoddy Boots from Comma Vintage

I’d had these boots in our inventory for quite some time, waiting for the right subscriber who needed them and whom they’d fit. Lachlan signed up in February, just in time for mud season. I included a pair of socks and a button up shirt to round out the outfit. And, of course, a pin from Iowa. Who doesn’t need that?  Read the full letter below.

Hi Lachlan,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service! Here’s what you get:

Quoddy Duck Boots: Really, they’re Bean Boots, but we can’t call them that here. Given the construction and Quoddy’s location in Maine, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn these were made at the L.L. Bean Factory itself. But that’s beside the point: Here we have an 8 eye full-grain leather upper on a waterproof rubber sole.

Made in Maine and with plenty of life left though, certainly, a bit of distressing. Looks like these were shoved away for a bit. But give them a little time on the foot and they’ll return to the desired shape. Probably worth a layer of leather conditioner to soften ’em up. These were found without laces, but I’ve gone ahead and added pair.

Wool Socks: It’s mid-March, so this I think is my last chance to send these out. And I figure they’re a good companion to the boot, too. While I cannot prove it, I feel confident saying these are unworn.

Vintage Button-up: I like the mixing of sensibilities here: It’s not quite a true weastern shirt, as its absent snap buttons the dramatic yoke, but the arced flap pockets are there, as are the colors. And what colors!

Some other things: We ship a lot of pins and baseball cards.

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