Colin’s Vintage Shawl Collar Sweater and Levi’s Button-up

We’re always happy to give a subscriber items we ourselves love. It was tough to let go of this US-made shawl collar sweater, but we’re sure it will get a lot of love up in Canada, where it’s headed. And a Levi’s button up to wear under it. Read the details and find more photos after the jump.

Shawl Collar Sweater: I’m a big fan of the shawl collar sweater for the same reason as most people: It works. When it’s a little windy, having a bit of fabric on your neck really does make a difference. Here we have a classic example: It’s made with undyed ragg wool in a 85-15 blend, features a single button with loop closure, and an elasticat hem and cuffs. Timeless, warm, functional, and stylish. Happy to ship this your way. Made in the USA.

Levi’s Button-up: I imagine that summer ends fast in Newfoundland, so I hope you get a few days to wear this piece before the weather turns. It’s a short-sleeve cotton-poly blend from Levi’s in a traditional earthy plaid with a point collar and single flap pocket. The scalloping on the flap gives it a westernish look, but the standard buttons and lack of a yoke make it a more traditional, and so a bit more versatile. Made in the USA

Some Other Things: I hope you find these fun or useful or both. Include here is a selvage bandana. True vintage and made in the USA. Great for wiping sweat off your forehead and breath off a window.

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