Noah’s Box: Vintage Paul Stuart Polo, YMCA Crewneck, Weymouth Trucker Hat


Noahs Box: A polo, a crewneck, a trucker hat

Noahs Box: A polo, a crewneck, a trucker hat

It’s always fun to pack a box for someone with as wide ranging tastes and hopes as Noah. It lets us ship across the full spectrum of goods: From the peak of Manhattan charm at Paul Stuart, to one of the most colorful crewnecks we’ve seen. More info and photos below. 

Hi Noah,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the Vintage Menswear Subscription Service. Here’s what you get:

YMCA Crewneck: This might fit a little slouchy, but I really think you’re the right person for it: A crewneck sweatshirt dated 1989 featuring bright yellows, pinks, and blues printed sparingly on a heather grey fabric. Made in the USA by Jerseys. I can’t say much about that it can’t say for itself. Pittsfield, if you’re curious, is a small city in the Berkshire Mountains, near the Massachusetts-New York border.

Paul Stuart Polo: Paul Stuart is one of those American brands that no one has heard of, that no one owns, but that has a storefront right outside of Grand Central Station in New York City. They’re sorta like Brooks Brothers if Brooks Brothers never sold out. This polo is made of 100% cotton with a thin jersey body and a twill collar and placket. I love the contrast and construction thoughout, including the single stitch hem and cuffs, and the deeper than average opening.

Trucker Hat: Here’s your second Massachusetts artifact: Weymouth is a town north of Boston, one of a dozen that all sorta blend into one another. I’m betting that no one you know has ever heard of the place, which I hope makes the hat a bit more fun to wear than if I sent it to someone in, say, Philadelphia. Like the sweatshirt, this one is also dated to 1989.

Want to get a box like Noah’s? Subscribe to Comma Vintage!

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