Daniel’s Vintage Gitman Brothers Shirt, US Open T-Shirt and Fluorescent Hat

We had to ship this admittedly muted Vintage Gitman Brothers Shirt to ofset the brightness of the hat and t-shirt. Frankly, it does very little to do that, though. Look at that t-shirt! And that hat! You could look at it even if it were a mile away, a lighthouse of certain vintage guiding you safely away from the boring folks out there to someone who really knows the score: Love-93. More photos and the letter after jump. Continue reading

Jason’s Wool Pendleton Blazer and Made in USA Chambray Workshirt

Vintage Pendleton Blazer and a US-made Chambray Workshirt
What I like about Pendleton blazers is that most people would not think to buy one; heck, most people don’t know they exist. They’re completely unstructured, a heavy shirting fabric cut into a blazer with some patch pockets thrown on. These are the items I get most excited to ship: Something you wouldn’t get any other way. Oh and the chambray’s nice too.  Continue reading