Oliver’s Champion Reverse Weave Crew Neck Sweatshirt and Levi’s Button-up


Oliver’s been one of our best customers. He’s been a subscriber himself for nearly two years, and he’s given a gift subscription as well. When he first began, he said that he’d love to receive a grey crewneck sweatshirt to replace one he’d lost. We hadn’t found the right one until now.  Read more below the jump.

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service!

Here’s what you get:

Champion Reverse Weaeve Sweatshirt (CReWS): I’ve been on the hunt for a nice grey sweatshirt for you, and I think I finally found it: Here we have an XL CReWS in light grey, made in the USA. Note the gussets on the side to allow for ease of movement and to maintain the fit. Note also how the weave of the sweatshirt goes side to side, not vertically, the innovation that gives us the term “reverse weave.” That means the shirt shirnks horizontally, giving it a slim “athletic” fit while maintaining its length. These took off in popularity the last few years, including reproductions from Urban Outfitters going for $90. This here is the real deal.

Levi’s Button-up: Speaking of legendary articles of clothing, here’s a Levi’s plaid button-up with the iconic batwing pockets, white logo tab, and double-button cuffs. Not a dress shirt, not a true western shirt, but somewhere excitingly in between. I like the modulation from white to blue to black with the bit of yellow mixed in. It’s a cotton poly blend and made in the USA.

If you are at all unsatisfied please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at mike@commavintage.com or call direct at 860 543 1627.

If you are satisfied, the greatest compliment we can receive is the referral of our service to your friends, colleagues, and loved ones, as well as positive reviews on message boards, social media, and our marketplace listing on http://www.cratejoy.com. Please join us on the web:

Instagram: #commavintage
Instagram: @comma_vintage

Thanks again,

Mike Pontacoloni


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