Jeremy’s Box: Ralph Macchio’s Jacket from “The Outsiders”

We love to connect clothing with popular culture, so I’m surprised it took so long for us to reference The Outsiders, the 1983 Francis Ford Coppola-directed launch pad for Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise, Emilio Esteves, Matt Dillon, and Patrick Swayze.

It also stars Ralph Macchio, who throughout the film wheres the same jacket we just shipped to our long-time subscriber Jeremy.

The jacket is made by Blue Bell Manufacturing, once the parent company of Wrangler Denim. Unlike Levi’s or Lee denim jackets, it features slash hand pockets, snap twin chest pockets, and a selvage detail on the placket. I date this piece squarely to the mid-1970s.

Oh, we also sent Jeremy a sanforized flannel shirt from Five Brother. And credit to the subscriber, M.J., who pointed out what I had here.

For what it’s worth, this entire business could be marketed as a The Outsiders cosplay starter kit, and not much would change. Note that Tom Cruise is wearing redline 501s.

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