Brad’s Box: A Made in USA Leather G1 Bomber Jacket

We talk about leather jackets a bit more often than we ship them. But guess what? Sometimes we walk the talk. Take this one, for example: It’s a William Barry G1 Shearling Bomber Jacket.

Made in the USA and with all the right details, the style of Talon zipper here helps us date this to the 70s. It also helps that my good friend John wore the same jacket for years; he got it from his father, who’d had it since then.

We shipped this one off to Brad in New York. Read the full letter and see more photos below.

For good measure, we also sent Brad a rad Foxwoods Virtual Adventures t-shirt. We don’t have a photo, but if you ever went to the ‘Woods with your parents in the early 90s and found yourself in a theater with a moving chair and 3D glasses, that’s what you were up to.

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