Alan’s Levi’s Silver Tab (Not Silvertab) Jeans & Sports Illustrated Crewneck

Levi's silvertab jeans and Sports Illustrated crewneck

Levi’s Silvertab is one of those many, many Levi’s sub-brands that had a moment and then faded away. I don’t anticipate LVC ever bringing it back. Of course, this isn’t actual Levi’s Silvertab–which had unique branding throughout, including a black rear patch. These are just a pair of Levi’s that have a silver tab. And lots more, too. Here’s what I wrote to the subscriber: 

Vintage Jeans: I could talk at length about these jeans. So I will! First off: These have a Silvertab, but they are not “Silvertab,” which featured a new patch and inside tag. Perhaps they’re the first version?

Next is the fabric. I have no idea what’s going on here, but it’s certainly better suited to LA than here in New England. I can’t tell whether this is an after-market bleaching or not; the silvertabiness makes me believe it’s deliberate, but who knows. As for the fit: 550 is a relaxed but not baggy fit. These are not for wearing 5 days a week, but they make a good statement when you bust them out.

I date these to mid 1980s based on the “Care Instructions Inside” written in black on the back patch and the simplicity of said tag within the jeans. The presence of gold bar-tacks on the back pockets suggest they are not any older than that.

A Sports Illustrated Sweatshirt: I rarely ship outfits, but this all goes so well together: The classic 1990s “Free Gift for Subscribing” crewneck sweatshirt. Fits a medium-large.


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