Jake’s Vintage Harris Tweed Sport Jacket


It’s Harris Tweed season here at Comma Vintage, also known as October to February in our Hartford Headquarters. Harris Tweed is one of those things we’re always happy to ship because we always know we’re sending something worth the price of subscription.

We sent Jake this Harris Tweed Sport Jacket with far too much excitement. Here’s what we said about it: 

A Harris Tweed Jacket: Sharing truly outstanding pieces always gets me a bit excited. This is one of those times, so buckle: Here is a Harris Tweed two-button sports jacket, fully lined with single vent.

Harris Tweed is among the world’s most famous fabrics: It’s woven by hand in the outer Hebrides of Scotland by a handful of small mills that collaborate on annual production. Similar to Champagne, it’s often imitated but never duplicated.

It’s famously warm and rugged, and ideal for less-than-formal occasions where you still want to look good. My favorite details here are the lapel and the cuff button. The lapel is a strikingly relaxed, and the cuff features only a single button, giving it a further air of informality. The historic casualness bumps up nicely against 2018, where any sport coat is deemed a bit formal. I hope you enjoy that contrast of decades.


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