John’s Vintage Alpha Industries MA-1 Bomber Jacket and More

Vintage Alpha Industries MA-1 BomberWhen John signed up, he specifically requested a vintage bomber jacket. To be sure, that can mean a lot of different styles. The A-2, for example, is usually made of leather, features a point collar, and two large front pockets. The MA-1, pictured here, was developed during the space age: It’s nylon, purely functional, and even reversible. He had another goodie too. John also received this vintage paper-thin t-shirt.dsc_0177.jpg

Here’s the letter in full:

Hi John,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service! Here’s what you get:

Vintage Bomber Jacket: You did say you were looking for something like this, so I’m glad I can finally deliver. This is a classic Alpha Industries MA-1 Bomber jacket. Note the contracting info on the interior of the left hand pocket. It’s made in the USA and built to military specification. It’s reversible to aid with visibility during a rescue. I’ve seen a few replicas floating around with the conspicuous “remove before flight” tag. This one, unlike the rest I’m guessing, has actually been on an airplane.

Vintage T-Shirt: This paper-thin t-shirt advertises the Modern Woodmen of America, which, turns out, has little to do with chopping trees and lots to do with insurance. But that’s okay: The graphic is awesome, the fabric is paper thin, the Screen Stars tag dates it to the 1980s, and the organization has its roots in the Midwest. Tagged a large but fits a medium. Enjoy.

Vintage Basketball Cards: These are from the 1991-1992 season, among the greatest concentrations of NBA talent ever.


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