Zach’s Cap-toe Balmorals

IMG_3005 (1)I’ve been shipping mystery used clothes to strangers for a while now. At last count, it’s been over 100 customers and over 300 shipments. That’s a lot of educated guesses, a lot of Screen Stars T-shirts, and a lot of Five Brother Flannel.

But Zach’s box here is, without question, the box which I’m happiest to have shipped.

For one, these are downright gorgeous shoes. The leather is soft, the brogue is elegant, and they feature a balmoral construction—rare in the world of thrifted shoes. All that, and the color is versatile: a medium brown that, while perhaps a bit too casual for a deep navy or charcoal suit, goes with just about everything else.

What happened after the shipment, though, is what got me. Below is a screen grab of Zach’s comment on my instagram post:

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 10.35.36 PM

Zach lost all his footwear to Hurricane Harvey, and then these showed up on his door.

I can’t take any credit for it. I’d shipped the shoes completely unaware. But the chance to create such serendipity for people makes me glad to do what I do, and I hope I can do that as much as possible. Keep your feet dry, everybody.

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