Brian’s Box: Bass Dirty Bucks, LL Bean OCBD, and More

Vintage Bass Dirty Bucks, LL Bean OCBD, and More

I should really work on folding shirts more elegantly. But, to be pedantic, nothing about a 60-40 LL Bean OCBD is elegant, it’s about looking refined yet casual, you know? It’s like having a 35 year old Jeep Wagoneer but not telling anyone you paid $12,000 in refurbishment, which I guess is what the entirety of this box is. I just want everyone to know that you could buy 300 months of Comma Vintage for the same price as a your Wagoneer refurbishments. It’s an easy choice. 

Hi Brian,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service! Here’s what you get:

A Vintage LL Bean Blue Oxford: Not much more to say about than that, but I’ll try anyway: The 60-40 blend makes this great for travel, as it resists wrinkles and odors quite well. It’s worn but not beaten up, giving a relaxed look without the grime. And it’s made in the USA. A classic through and through.

Dirty Bucks: I figure the shirt would go well with these shoes. Perfect to go sockless with a pair of chino shorts for a warm night hopping from patio to patio. Made in the great state of Maine (unlike Bass-brand products these days) and with quite a bit of sole left. These fit true to size, so I’m hoping they work out for you!

Wool Tie: Did you hear that, kids? Wool! This tie is good for everything.

Willie Nelson 45: “On the Road Again.” There’s a little theme here.

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