Adam’s Box: Vintage golf jacket, A hoagie hat, and more.

Vintage Trucker Hat, Vintage Golf Jacket

The Dream Team! The Dream Sandwich! The Dream Band! I have a soft spot for 1984, which to me is the perfect cassette album. It’s maybe 30 minutes of music, includes “Jump,” “Panama,” and “Hot For Teacher,” and the title track is just ambient noise. (I forgot to write all of this in the letter.) I also forgot to mention that rad tie clip on the collar of the jacket. I mentioned everything else below.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subsciption service! Here’s what you get:

Vintage Golf Jacket: Golf jacket is often used synonymously with Harrington or Barracuda, but I’m sticking with golf for this one. The label is made to resemble a scorecard and there are pencil loops on the interior. It’s bright red and unlined, making it perfect for cool summer nights by the beach. I assume that you are a man of action, so I’m hoping this jacket works for you.

Vintage T-Shirt: The 1992 Dream Team is one of those touchstones in both sports and apparel: It was the year of the Jordan 7, for example, and the year of Polo Ralph Lauren Stadium gear, which remains iconic today. So, here’s a vintage t-shirt from way back then straight from the official committee. Features the hard to blind cotton-poly-triblend.

A Hat: Here in Connecticut we call long sandwiches grinders; I’d assumed that NYC was “sub” territory and that hoagie was more of a Philly term. But here we are. I’m sure this isn’t quite what you had in mind when you mentioned a love of New York, but I hope this is a welcomed surprise.

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