Sean’s Box: A Vintage Steer West Western Shirt, A Striped Tee, and More


Sean’s survey said he’s willing to take risks. Of course, that means that we have to take risks as well—the more room to experiment, the more things can go wrong. I hope that Sean’s happy with what I believe is the wildest shirt I’ve sent out so far. The pattern is paneled sorta like the flag of Maryland, but with much more turqouise.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service! Here’s what you get:

 A Western-style Shirt: Your survey says you occasionally take risks, Sean! That’s my only defense for this shirt. That and it’s objectively awesome. Black with pink and blue southwest-style pattern in opposite corners, point collar, and tucked under pockets. Why don’t they make more of these?! Made in the USA by Steer West.

A Striped T-shirt: Well, this one’s a bit more pedestrian. Based on the tag, I’ll date this one to the mid nineties. Hanes, of course, once manufactured t-shirts across North Carolina, but they’ve since off-shored all production. This striped t-shirt is, of course, made in the USA. Heavy jersey cotton with red and blue. Should get better with age.

A Bow-tie: I like the small print on the silver background. Will work with plaid, solid, or teal & pink patterned western shirts.

Some other things: Hope these are worth the time to explore and fun to have.

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