Kavi’s Box: Vintage LL Bean Cordury, Vintage DeeCee Western, and More.

Kavi let me know that his first box didn’t quite meet his expectations, particularly around fit. We’re a fallible company, and we know that we’re not going to get it right every team. So we really appreciate it when our subscriber’s give us the opportunity to make things better. We gave Kavi a fully-loaded box in his second shipment. Read more about it below:


Hi Kavi,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service! Here’s what you get:

A Corduroy Shirt: L.L. Bean has had its share of logos through the years. The green script logo here dates this shirt to the seventies or so. A green-yellow narrow wale corduroy in a classic dress shirt cut. Made in the USA.

A Western Flannel: Dee Cee brand made a lot of western-style shirts, and here’s one of them. Brushed flannel in a subtle yellow-brown-green blend with pearl snaps and saw-tooth pockets. Made in the USA.

A Tank Top: I know you didn’t ask for graphic tank tops, but I couldn’t resist. The label here again marks this true vintage, as does the mounted ringer construction. The fabric is soft, the graphic is crisp, and the waves are good.

Some Other Things: I hope that these are fun and perhaps useful. Enjoy!

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