Steven’s Box: Vintage Black Levi’s 501s, a Flannel, and More.


Steven mentioned that he’s into punk and classic rock, but he’s also not a teenager. So we shipped him some classics that we hope fit the aesthetic. Unfortunately, the jeans didn’t work out! The tape mentioned in the letter, if you’re curious, is Hot Rocks, a Rolling Stones compilation. And that magazine under it all is from the fifties. It contains the lyrics to dozens of popular-at-the-moment country songs.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service! Here’s what you get:

A Chamois Flannel: Admittedly not the most exciting color in the world. But given your desire for developing a style more than simply having something ostentatious to wear, I hoped this versatile vintage shirt would be a good start. I also think that with the sleeves rolled up its drab color would help any tattoos on your forearms pop a bit. That’s all conjecture, of course.

Black Jeans: But not just any black jeans, black Levi’s Made in the USA 501 jeans. More or less the most iconic cut of denim that ever existed. (Exhibit 1: Bruce Springsteen on the cover of Born in the USA and so back from there; We could go on about their place in American culture but it’s fun to absorb naturally once you’re made minimally aware.) These are a bit looser and higher rise than many contemporary brands, but the style works well, especially with vintage t-shirts and short jackets. Tagged a 32 but they shrink substantially so I’m hoping these fit you well.

A Cassette Tape: Classic rock, you say? This should fit the bill.

Some other things: Debatably fun and useful but I hope enjoyable to receive nonetheless.

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