Spencer’s Box

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Spencer spends a lot of time outside. So a vintage Woolrich Mountain Parka fits his needs alright. Another photo stolen from his Instagram. Sorry dog. Read the full letter below.

Hi Spencer!

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service. Here’s what you get:

Woolrich Mountain Parka: An iconic item. The outer fabric is a 60-40 blend of cotton and polyester, made to be breathable but water and stain resistant. The lining is 100% wool and features a nice check pattern. Should work great in three seasons, depending on what you wear under it. The leather pull tabs and rear map pocket are features you won’t find on a similar jacket today. That, and it’s all manufactured in the USA.

Wool Hat: Simple items are sometimes the hardest to find. But here’s one: 85/15 wool watch cap with no logos of any kind. Honestly looks unworn. Made in the USA. (See the tag inside.)

Green Tie: So maybe you don’t wear a tie much. But if you do, might as well wear one that’s the color of vegetables and looks like it has little fish swimming in it.

Bandana: For wiping sweat from your face and keeping dust out of your mouth.

1991 Baseball Cards: AL MVP: Cal Ripken Junior. AL Cy Young: Roger Clemens. NL MVP: Terry Pendleton. NL Cy Young: Tom Glavine. World Series Champion: Minnesota Twins. World Series MVP: Kirby Puckett

If you are at all unsatisfied, don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you’re satisfied, the best compliment we can receive is the referral to your friends. You can also join us on the web:

Instagram: #commavintage
Instagram: @roostercommagus

Thanks again,

Mike Pontacoloni


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