Ryan’s Box

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 12.21.16 PM.pngWe sent this box to a family friend in New York City, so the EF bag was well-received. And the tie I reference in the letter is from Armani Collezione (none of that Emporio/Exchange/Jeans b.s. coming from these us.) We stole this photo from his Instagram account. We hope he’s not upset. To learn more about the content, read the full letter below.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service. Here’s what you get:

A Blue Coat: This coat is pretty simplistic in design, but has a lot of small features that create a unique piece. Consider the chin strap, which helps keep out the wind, and the zip-in liner, which makes it a functional three-season jacket. The fabric is a cotton-poly blend, so it should be water resistant. Finally the TALON brand zipper (along with that specific McGregor label) helps us date to about the mid 70s—after that, YKK really took over the zipper industry.

A Plaid Scarf from Polo Ralph Lauren. So maybe this isn’t true vintage—it’s likely early 90’s—but it’s a 100% lambs wool and made in the USA. Can’t go wrong and will keep your neck warm if you’re not psyched on the chin strap.

A Neck Tie from a fairly famous brand. Hope you like it.

A Present from Nick under the jacket.

And Some Surprises in the pockets of the coat. A lot of good mustaches coming your way.

If you are at all unsatisfied, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

If you’re happy, the best compliment we can receive is the referral to your friends. You can also join us on the web:

Instagram: #commavintage
Instagram: @roostercommagus

Thanks again,




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