Mr. Boondock’s Box

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Thrilled to ship a box to Boondock Studios, makers of outstanding jewelry and accessories. This is one of our first shipments, and it couldn’t have gone better. Check them out on Instagram @boondock_studios.

To learn more about the contents, keep reading!

Hi Daniel!

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the Vintage Menswear Subscription Service. Here’s what you get:

Cashmere Sweater: Because why not? 100% Cashmere and made in Scotland. I’m a big fan of the label and the color. I know Florida never gets too cold, but I hope you find a many days to wear it over the years.

Press Scarf: When I saw “collegiate style” on your survey, I figured an item from a brand made famous for dressing generations of Yale students would fit the bill. I lived for a year in New Haven and enjoyed visiting the original storefront. Lots o’ tweed.

Brooks Brothers Tie: I don’t imagine this needs too much explanation. It’s 100% silk and made in the USA. I like the pattern and I think, with the thin red circles, it’d go well under that sweater (With a shirt in between I imagine, though that’s up to you.)

Advertising Notebook: Good for taking notes in. Useful and unique.

You’re one of my first ten customers, so I really hope I did well here. If I didn’t, don’t hesitate to reach out by email or to call me direct. If you’re happy, the greatest compliment you can give is to refer Comma Vintage to your friends.



One thought on “Mr. Boondock’s Box

  1. Dan Boondock says:

    I loved my shipment! Everything fit and was of outstanding quality. Thank you for this fun service you provide. We at Boondock always say we never waste anything, and now that means my clothes too!


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