Colton’s Box: Jolt Cola Jacket, Colorblock Oxford, Socks!

Jolt Cola Nylon Jacket, Colorblock oxfordColton is the only person to ever tell me that he wanted socks. Well, we gave him socks. But we gave him some other great stuff, too: The colorblocking on the oxford, in particular, I find to be inimitable. And hey, Jolt Cola! That jacket may not make you run faster, but it will definitely energize your day for 90 minutes before a terrible caffeine crash. Read the full letter below

Hi Colton,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service! Here’s what you get:

 A Jolt Cola Nylon Jacket: Remember Jolt? I only remember it as something I was never allowed to have; I’m not even sure it’s for sale anymore. This jacket isn’t for sale either. Because it’s yours now. Bright red nylon shell with white tipping and a cotton liner.

A Colorblock Oxford: Chaps was one of the first Ralph Lauren Spin-off brands (There are so many now!), and it’s no longer actually owned by Ralph Lauren, just licensed to department stores. This predates all that, though. Furthermore, look at all those colors! Cotton oxford fabric with a button-down collar and, judging by that tag, fresh from the drycleaner.

A Pair of Socks: So on your survey you specifically mentioned socks, joggers, and underwear. Truth be told, I’m never going to send you vintage underwear. Too many risks. But when I find a pair of deadstock striped tube socks, the most 80s thing that ever 80s’ed, I say alright, let’s roll. Looks like they’ve been in storage for a bit, but otherwise in great shape.

A Vintage Tie Clip: Well, why not?

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