Jack’s Box: Striped Tee, the Fox Collection, And More


I’m a sucker for a striped tee shirt, probably because it’s nothing I would ever buy new. Who walks into J. Crew and says, “Yes. These stripes in these colors are exactly what I want today.” Not me, though we can discuss the merits of j’Crew another time. What matters now is that Jack received some awesome color in the mail. Take a look at that plaid, for example! And the blue of that shirt. Good golly. Spring is here.

Hi Jack,


Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service! Here’s what you get:

 A Plaid Button-up: I haven’t seen much plaid like this plaid. It’s got some verticality to it, created in the way the vertical stripes are significantly narrower than the horizontal ones. Gives it a distinctive vintage look to my eye. The bright mix of red, blue, and green is tempered by the black. Looks just about unworn, and with a fun vintage label to boot.

A Solid Button-up: So this is maybe not vintage in the truest sense of the word, since Brooks Brothers have been making blue shirts like this for, oh, 199 years. But this one is made in the USA, 100% cotton, and looks to be fresh from a dry-cleaners. Looks to be a pinpoint oxford; I’d prefer hang-dried after a cold wash. Your call.

A Striped T-Shirt: Striped tees like this are favorite find. They don’t really exist anymore, certainly not in a thin but sturdy cotton fabric and with a ribbed collar, and most definitely not with pattern matching from the shoulder to the side seams. One of a kind. Enjoy.

A Vintage Tie Clip: I know I sent you a tie last time. Now you can keep it out of your ceareal/oatmeal/stew.

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