Ryan’s Box: Long-sleeve Tee, Patterned Sweater, Hanes 50-50


Ryan’s one of my longest tenured subscribers, so finding new pieces for him is at once rewarding and challenging. On the one hand, it’s hard to find something truly new, but on the other, he’s provided useful feedback and I’m starting to get a real sense of what he likes. So, I took some risks with this box but I think they’ll pay off. If you read this, Ryan, do let me know! 

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service! Here’s what you get:

Patterned Sweater: I know you’re open to new things, but I’m hesitant with this one. Is it too much? Is it based off of 1940s wall paper? Is it altogether unique and just on the edge of tasteful? Yes.

Striped Long-sleeve Tee: This one I’m a bit more confident in. A thin poly blend fabric with bold red and white stripes. A true vintage item: based on the material of the size tag, the brand tag, and the fabric itself, I’m dating it to the 70s. And given that the size tag is made of paper but still crisp, I’m willing to bet it’s never been worn.

A T-Shirt: Hanes 50-50 tee made in the USA. These things fit slim and last forever. Blank, like-new condition, and bright. A favorite product to find and share.

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