Josh’s Box: Trucker Hat, Crayon Plaid, Spin Doctors


A few months ago I came across half a dozen Fred Perry polos, and I’ve been slowly redistributing them. They’re not for everyone, but Josh specifically mentioned that he loves the 90s. So, this one’s for Josh. So too is the Spin Doctors Cassette. Can’t be wrong with that. 

Hi Josh,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service! Here’s what you get:

A Fred Perry Polo: Fred Perry has a similar history to Lacoste: A brand named for a 20th century tennis star becomes an icon of his country’s casual style. So it is in France with the latter and England with the former. I date this shirt to the nineties, when Britpop called upon the mod culture of the 60s. Jersey cotton with stripes. Made in USA.

A Short-Sleeve Button-up: I find this one of the most interesting colorways I’ve come across. From a distance, it looks almost monochromatic, as the subtle variations blur together. Up close, though, the distinctions come through. Made in the USA of Dan River Fabric, a Virginia-based manufacturer. “Crayon.”

A Hat: I know I’ve sent you a hat already, but as you’re from the area I wanted you to have this: “Tornado 1989” from United Illuminating. I imagine these were given out to those who helped that company restore electricity in the aftermath of the Hamden tornado of that year. Hope you like it!

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