Thomas’s Box: LL Bean Camouflage Flannel and New England Plaid

Vintage LL Bean Camouflage Flannel

We ship, as I’ve said many times, a lot of chamois flannels. Like crewneck sweatshirts, they are a backbone of this industry. And for good reason: They’re warm and last forever. But we’ve only shipped one with a camouflage print, and this is it. Learn more about it below.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service! Here’s what you get:

A Vintage Button-up: If you’re attending Dartmouth, I suppose you have to at least consider the notion of “New England Gentleman.” As a Connecticut native, I’m not sure what the brand means by the term (I found the shirt in North Carolina), but I do know that a slim, 100% cotton, made in the USA button-up is rarity indeed. Versatile but colorful plaid with a button-pocket.

 A Flannel: Speaking of New England, how about that LL Bean? I hear they make nice things. This shirt features the “signature” logo of Leon Leonwood himself, dating the shirt to 70s or 80s. Moreover, it features one of those rare camo patterns that looks acceptable outside the woods. The curving edges and range of colors tone it down a bit. Camo had a comeback a few years ago; this is a true throwback.

Baseball Cards: 1988. AL MVP: Jose Canseco; NL MVP: Kirk Gibson

A Vintage Magazine: I can’t vouch for the contents, but I hope it’s worth a browse.


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