Jack’s Box: Bemedji Shirtjac, a Nylon Jacket, and more.

Sometimes, when we find things that are awesome but compromised, we put them in a box regardless. In his survey Jack told us about growing up in the cold winter Minnesota,  so we had to give him this vintage Bemidji Woolen Mills Shirt Jac. We .show off the logo below the fold

Hi Jack,
Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service! Here’s what you get:

A Nylon Coaches Jacket: This style has had a bit of resurgence in higher fashion circles of late. A.P.C., Supreme, and other brands have come out with their own versions. This one is the real deal. Moreover, it’s got an inimitable logo: This really is from some softball tournament or another, and it really is from 1976. Not exactly the sturdiest piece in the world, but perfect with a breezy April day over a crewneck sweatshirt.

A Sweater: This is perhaps the most perfectly generic vintage item I’ve ever shipped. A midweight crewneck sweater in regular grey—not charcoal, not heathered, not overcast—just regular grey. The 85/15 blend adds durability and makes it a little less itchy, too. Made by LL Bean and made in the USA, it is, somehow, timeless, versatile, and altogether quality. I hope it gets steady rotation in your wardrobe.

A Tie: Liberty of London is famous for its prints, and as you hoped for a striking piece, I figured this would fit the bill. Lightly colored floral pattern on a cotton fabric in a medium width. By no means a skinny tie, but not conservative, either.

 A Flannel Shirtjac: So a caveat on this: It’s missing a pocket button (and I had to sew another back on before packing), the cuffs have been sorta sewn shut, and there is some heavy wear and tear. But it’s also old as hell and made and crafted in your home state of Minnesota, at Bemedji Woolen Mills. (They’ve since dropped the Chief.) I try not to send pieces with this much damage, but I hope you’ll appreciate a little local artifact of sorts. I also hope that you’ll see value in the box even if this doesn’t work out.

Some Trading Cards: Pre Dream Team, though I think every member but Laettner is available in these packs.

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