10 Good Reasons Why You Should Wear Vintage Clothing

Why should you wear vintage clothing? Here’s a few reasons.

Making the leap from new clothing to vintage can be a bit tough for some people. “What if it smells!” they say, or “I’ll look silly!”

Thankfully, washing machines and style tips exist. But if you’re looking for motivation, we here at Comma Vintage think there’s a lot more to it.

1. Vintage clothing prevents human exploitation

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Joseph’s Box o’ the American West: Vintage Pendleton flannel, corduroy hat, and a t-shirt.

Joe let us know that he has a thing for the Rocky Mountains. Technically, Pendleton, Oregon, is a bit to the west of that range, but the effort is there. Joseph did request no hats with flat brims, but we’re hoping he can take care of this one with a coffee mug.  Read the full letter below. Continue reading

Daniel’s Vintage Gitman Brothers Shirt, US Open T-Shirt and Fluorescent Hat

We had to ship this admittedly muted Vintage Gitman Brothers Shirt to ofset the brightness of the hat and t-shirt. Frankly, it does very little to do that, though. Look at that t-shirt! And that hat! You could look at it even if it were a mile away, a lighthouse of certain vintage guiding you safely away from the boring folks out there to someone who really knows the score: Love-93. More photos and the letter after jump. Continue reading

Jason’s Mystery Wool Flannel and More

Vintage Wool Flannel, Selvage Bandana

I have a soft spot for connecting with my subscribers’ location. When Jason told me he’s taken up fly-fishing and lives in Philadelphia, this shirt was only ever going to him. As for the flannel: It’s one of the nicest pieces I’ve found this year. Jason recently upgraded from a quarterly to annual subscription, and I’m glad to send it his way. Continue reading

John’s Vintage Alpha Industries MA-1 Bomber Jacket and More

Vintage Alpha Industries MA-1 BomberWhen John signed up, he specifically requested a vintage bomber jacket. To be sure, that can mean a lot of different styles. The A-2, for example, is usually made of leather, features a point collar, and two large front pockets. The MA-1, pictured here, was developed during the space age: It’s nylon, purely functional, and even reversible. He had another goodie too.  Continue reading

Jack’s Box: Striped Tee, the Fox Collection, And More


I’m a sucker for a striped tee shirt, probably because it’s nothing I would ever buy new. Who walks into J. Crew and says, “Yes. These stripes in these colors are exactly what I want today.” Not me, though we can discuss the merits of j’Crew another time. What matters now is that Jack received some awesome color in the mail. Take a look at that plaid, for example! And the blue of that shirt. Good golly. Spring is here. Continue reading

Anthony’s Box: Vintage Bill Gallo T-Shirt, Shenandoah, and More

IMG_1138Vintage t-shirts run a wide spectrum. On one end are the late nineties familiars: D.A.R.E. tees, aggressive sports team graphics. In the middle there’s the conspicuous vintage: Ringers, stripes, poly-blends. And then, at the other end, are my personal favorites: Graphic tees from the early 80s and older. What Anthony has here is from that era. Paper thin, mounted collar, tubular construction, and a one-of-kind graphic from a legendary cartoonist. Read the letter below. Continue reading