Giovanni’s Vintage Eastland Camp Mocs and Sanforized Frostproof Plaid


Sometimes we get to ship two awesome items together because one just might not be enough. Take for example this vintage sanforized flannel shirt and US-made Eastland camp mocs. And what’s that peeking out from the corner? Why it’s a selvage bandana! Thank goodness for selvage bandanas, and for Jamie Bannon, who taught be how to take better photos. Read the letter below. Continue reading

Brian’s Box: Bass Dirty Bucks, LL Bean OCBD, and More

Vintage Bass Dirty Bucks, LL Bean OCBD, and More

I should really work on folding shirts more elegantly. But, to be pedantic, nothing about a 60-40 LL Bean OCBD is elegant, it’s about looking refined yet casual, you know? It’s like having a 35 year old Jeep Wagoneer but not telling anyone you paid $12,000 in refurbishment, which I guess is what the entirety of this box is. I just want everyone to know that you could buy 300 months of Comma Vintage for the same price as a your Wagoneer refurbishments. It’s an easy choice.  Continue reading

Matt’s Box: Allen Edmond’s Loafers and a Brooks Brothers Oxford

Alled Edmonds Tassle Loafers; Brooks Brothers Oxford

Sometimes, when I find a couple things that go well together, a subscriber gets a heck of a box. That’s how I feel about this one, anyway. It’s not often I ship out Allen Edmonds shoes. And it’s not often I ship out Brooks Brother’s shirts. It’s never happened that I ship them out together, but here we are. Also, I’m running out of things to say about tie clips. Finally, yes, this was photographed atop a table tennis table. Read the full letter below:  Continue reading