10 Reasons To Wear Vintage Clothing

Why should you wear vintage clothing? Here’s a few reasons.

Making the leap from new clothing to vintage can be a bit tough for some people. “What if it smells!” they say, or “I’ll look silly!”

Thankfully, washing machines and style tips exist. But if you’re looking for motivation, we at Comma Vintage think there’s a lot more to it.

1. Vintage clothing prevents human exploitation

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Joseph’s Box o’ the American West: Vintage Pendleton flannel, corduroy hat, and a t-shirt.

Joe let us know that he has a thing for the Rocky Mountains. Technically, Pendleton, Oregon, is a bit to the west of that range, but the effort is there. Joseph did request no hats with flat brims, but we’re hoping he can take care of this one with a coffee mug.  Read the full letter below. Continue reading

Kristoffer’s Box

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 9.46.34 PM

Photo stolen from @apheks73 

Kristoffer got a basic looking box. The contents were neatly folded. The color palette was dull. And none of it’s contents really take the eye. But everything in it can be worn twenty different ways. Here at Comma we eschew costuming. We’re proud to put together shipments that blend with your everyday wear. The value needn’t be visual.

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