Matt’s Box: Made in USA Converse All Stars and a Five Brother Flannel


We rarely ship sneakers here at Comma Vintage. That’s because we want to stick to our guns and only ship true vintage. As much we think that the Converse All Star is timeless, we aren’t shipping  used ones from 2014.

True vintage ones are hard to come by, and the differences are subtle: The sole is heavier, and the toe cap is smaller. The tell-tale sign, though, is that they’re made in the USA. Pictured above is the first pair of US-made Converse All Stars that we ever shipped. Matt asked for Chucks in particular, and we hope he’s excited to get a pair. And he got this great flannel, too. Read the letter below.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the Vintage Menswear Subscription Service. Here’s what you get:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Oxford Low: Well, here’s a first. I went five years of regularly thrifting and never found a pair of Made in the USA Converse All Stars. This month I’ve found 3 pairs, and wouldn’t you it’s something you requested and they’re in your size. If you wear the shoe, you’ll notice these are a bit heavier than anything made recently, but they’ll also last a bit longer. But it’s still the same classic canvas upper and rubber cap toe. Unlike anything now, these, as I mentioned, are US-made.

Five Brother Flannel: Speaking of US-made, here’s a 5-brother flannel in a muted navy-tan-white plaid with twin flap pockets and a point collar. I did a small repair to the right pocket, but it should be good to go. 100% cotton and made of Cone Mills Brawny twill flannel.

Some Other Things: I hope you find these fun or useful or both.

Want to get a box like Matt’s? Subscribe to Comma Vintage.

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