Colt’s Box: Deadstock Five Brother Flannel & Mike Greenwell T-Shirt

Deadstock Five Brother Flannel

We ship a fair number heavyweight US-made flannels here at Comma vintage. Rarely, though, do we ever find one in unworn condition. Thankfully for Colt, who received his subscription as a gift from his wife, we’ve. got one right here. Check out that Cone Mills tag! Read the full letter and see more photos below. 

Hi Colt,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the Vintage Menswear Subscription Service. Here’s what you get:

Deadstock Flannel Shirt: I ship a fair of mount of heavy-weight American made flannel shirts, but it’s quite rare I ship one that’s completely unworn. This one comes in deadstock condition and with the original fabric tag from Cone Mills. (It’s in a pocket.) It’s a heavy cotton twill flannel in black, red, and grey, with a point collar and two chest pockets. This may shrink a little, so I recommend washing in cold water and hanging to dry.

Mike Greenwell T-Shirt: I know I already sent you a Boston Red Sox t-shirt, but I just found this one and I think it’s better than the first. Mike Greenwell! I grew up on that name, one of those players who I assumed was way better than he ever actually was simply because I was too young to know much about the rest of the major leagues. It’s tagged an XL but measures a bit smaller. Made in the USA and printed in 1988.

Some Other Things: I hope you find these fun or useful or both.

If you are at all unsatisfied, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at or call direct.

If you are satisfied, the greatest compliment we can receive is the referral of our service to your friends, colleagues, and loved ones, as well as positive reviews online and on social media.

We invite you to take photos and share your experience on social media and online message boards. We love to see our goods out in the world!
Instagram: #commavintage
Instagram: @comma_vintage

Thanks again,


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