Zach’s Box: Nylon Bomber, Selvage Flannel, and more

I’ve been finding a lot of selvage fabric lately, the kind where the maker never thought selvage was meaningful. There’s no “ID” stripe, no exposed selvage, no label on the neck, just a self-edge of the fabric under the placket. Consider this a friendly reminder that vintage selvage fabric exists for no other reason than it was convenient and economical to produce. Remember also, that vintage nylon bomber jackets are incredible.

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Colton’s Box: Jolt Cola Jacket, Colorblock Oxford, Socks!

Jolt Cola Nylon Jacket, Colorblock oxfordColton is the only person to ever tell me that he wanted socks. Well, we gave him socks. But we gave him some other great stuff, too: The colorblocking on the oxford, in particular, I find to be inimitable. And hey, Jolt Cola! That jacket may not make you run faster, but it will definitely energize your day for 90 minutes before a terrible caffeine crash. Read the full letter below Continue reading

Jack’s Box: Striped Tee, the Fox Collection, And More


I’m a sucker for a striped tee shirt, probably because it’s nothing I would ever buy new. Who walks into J. Crew and says, “Yes. These stripes in these colors are exactly what I want today.” Not me, though we can discuss the merits of j’Crew another time. What matters now is that Jack received some awesome color in the mail. Take a look at that plaid, for example! And the blue of that shirt. Good golly. Spring is here. Continue reading