Jacob’s Box: A Talon-Zipper Vintage Cardigan

Jacob is one of earliest subscribers, so I’m glad I was able to send out something like this. It is wool zip cardigan with a nice talon zipper. Based on some Talon dating guides floating around, it’s best dated to the 1970s. I like the raglan sleeve and partial cable-knit design. Simultaneously preppy and sporty.

My favorite detail, though, can’t really be seen here. Cuffs on sweaters,  I find, are one of the first places to swear out. They stretch, stain, and fray. The cuffs on this sweater, though, is reinforced with a very heavy, wiry thread to keep it in place. Honestly, it looks like fishing line. It’s the kind of detail I’ve never seen on a contemporary piece, but one that will definitely keep this sweater going for years to come.