Ryan’s Box: Button-down collars and Madras

comma vintage box

Ryan is one of our first subscribers, so it’s good to know he’s still happy enough to post his box to Instagram. (Photo Credit @rlarkin4)  His second box contains some shirts for spring and summer as well some nice finds under the plaids. Keep reading to learn the details.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for subscribing to Comma, the vintage menswear subscription service! Here’s what you get:

Authentic Madras Button-up Shirt: I get that Land’s End isn’t the most exciting brand, but they’ve got a direct-mail legacy second only to L.L. Bean, and their quality is to match. This shirt is of good vintage: Made in the USA with nacre buttons and of authentic Indian Madras, a fabric designed for tropical weather and famous for its slubby texture and imperfect dying. Timeless

A Brooks Brothers Short-sleeve Button-up: I know this is supposed to be the spring box, but the weather is warming and we found this shirt freshly pressed; the dry-cleaner’s tag is still on it. A bright but not obnoxious plaid and made in the USA.

A Tape: Deny it all you want, “Dead or Alive” is a masterpiece.

Vintage Shoelaces: These should work well on six-eye oxfords and other dress shoes. Deadstock (that is, unused and unopened) and made in the USA.

A Vintage Magazine: Came across a stack of these and couldn’t resist. 60 years old, but many of the tricks therein should still work just the same. Curious what happens if you send away to some of the advertisers.

If you are at all unsatisfied, don’t hesitate to reach out.

If you’re satisfied, the best compliment we can receive is the referral to your friends. You can also join us on the web:

Instagram: #commavintage
Instagram: @roostercommagus

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