A Quick Guide to Buying Used Levi’s Trucker Jackets on eBay

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 1.03.08 PMHere’s a guide to buying vintage Levi’s Trucker Jackets on eBay. It’s useful but not comprehensive.If you’re real interested in the historicism of the garment or you want to take one out to dinner, Denim Hunters has an awesome guide to dating Levi’s jackets. But if you just want to hop on eBay and pick one up, keep reading.

Basic Terminology
The jacket has a few names. They turn up different results:

  • Levi’s Trucker Jacket: Returns a wide range of jackets. Best bet. Many degrees of wear and age.
  • Levi’s Type III: Returns older, more collectible jackets. These lack hand pockets and often feature the capital E on the red tab.
  • Levi’s Denim Jacket: Returns a wide range of jackets. Most likely here to find an underpriced listing, but might require some digging.

The jacket has a few variables worth considering:

  • Blanket Lined: A wool striped lining.
  • Flannel Lined: A red and black check linking. A little lighter than blanket lined.
  • Sherpa Lined: A fuzzy polyester pile lining that often extends over the collar.
  • Acid Wash: Returns jackets with—hey!—an acid wash. Marbled coloring and contrast.
  • Big E: Older and collectible, but not as valuable as a pair of Big E jeans. a Big E trucker can be had for well under $100 dollars.
  • Raw: Likely to return Levi’s Vintage Clothing, not vintage Levi’s. Consider using “dark” instead.
  • Made in USA: These jackets are made in USA. How bout that?

The sizing on these changes a bit. Some basic considerations:

  • Numeric: Jackets with a numeric size tend to have a timeless fit to them. In my experience they fit true. I wear a 36 in most suits and jackets, for example, but my 38 trucker fits perfect if not a little snug. These predate alpha-sized jackets.
  • Alpha: Here’s where some care is need. Different versions of the trucker have different cuts, though they’re tough to identify from label alone (I’m no expert on model numbers. Sorry.) Some have enormous arm holes and wide shoulders, which to my eye are conspicuous against contemporary backdrops.

Pricing:  You should be able to find a jacket that fits and of reasonable wear for under $50. It may take some patience, but there are plenty out there. I got mine, the one pictured above, for $35 plus shipping.

Additional Thoughts: This is a pretty straightforward purchase. If by chance you’ve not gotten vintage clothing off of eBay before, buying a Levi’s trucker is a fairly certain way to have a positive experience. We occasionally ship them, but I wouldn’t hold out if you want one ASAP.

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